Get Updates

You can get Updates of the Website in the following two ways. 

  • Get Updates By Email
  • Get Updates By SMS

Get updates by Email

  • Please Click on the Follow button which is show in Right Side Bottom of the Page
  • Enter Your email Id Click on Sign Me Up button
  • Next you can log in in with your Email Id and Password into your Account
  • Click on the given link to get the updates of the Website

Get Updates by SMS

You can Subscribe SMS alerts in to ways

  • Subscribing SMS alerts from Mobile.
  • Subscribing SMS alerts from Website.

Subscribing SMS alerts from Mobile

  • Send a Message START <space>6 to 1909(Toll Free) from your mobile.
  • To Receive Messages from Mobile send Message ON <space>toptenstudents to 09870807070
  • To Stop Messages from Mobile send Message OFF <space>toptenstudents to 09870807070

Subscribing SMS alerts from Website

  • To Subscribe SMS alerts from Website you have G mail Id.
  • If you Have G mail Id, You can Subscribe SMS Alerts Click Here
  • After Clicking on the above follow the Directions. 

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